Friday, August 15, 2008

Keep forgetting

I have been meaning to post picture from Sunday since...well, Sunday! Since it is Friday and I am not doing anything at the moment I thought maybe I'd go ahead and post them. I am waiting to see if my breakfast stays down or not ( which I think it's going to ).

Sunday afternoon Tyler was all excited to see Aunt Kristy and Noah and they decided to not come over. So we decided to take him to a play ground someone told us about. By the way Jim, NEVER AGAIN! haha The play ground was a little to old for him and even though they had a smaller playground for kids his age, he wanted to play on the cool big kid one. It was a very pretty park though. It had a stream running through it and a nice walking trail. There were a million people there too because someone was having a birthday party. Even the adults were on the equipment.

We went for a walk for a while and I got some good pictures. I was trying to get some good ones of my parents and they weren't cooperating the whole time. How dare they right?! But any ways. Here's what I got.


Kade and Emily said...

you look a lot like your mom.
I hope you are feeling much better. I HATE HATE HATE to throw up. I'm so sorry you were sick!

Crystal said...

How fun! Your parents are soooo adorable! I hope I am still like that when I am older. =) Great pics!

kailiaelf said...

Great pics of your parents!