Sunday, August 10, 2008

365 week 10

Into the double digits. WOO HOO I am excited about that. I had a bad week though...well, I didn't have a bad week, I had a bad day today transferring pictures. While I was transferring pictures over I hit delete on the memory card a little too early and about 20 pictures or so got deleted. I was so mad. I didn't have a picture for the very first day after some got erased so I used a picture from a different day. Some of the pictures that got deleted I am not sad about, BUT I took some really cool pictures of the sky on Wednesday or Thursday and they are all gone. BOOOOOO.


Like I said this picture is from later in the week because my Sunday one got erased. This was TYler and grandpa beeping noses together.


This is cousin Noah's. It's a long story but he got this for his birthday from Blue Bunny Ice Cream. We have several pictures with other people wearing this like, Jon, Scott, my Tyler put it on his head and I decided to take a picture.


I know this picture has been seen 2 times already but I like it. This day was one of the days a lot of pictures got erased from so I choose this one because it has me and TYler in in other words I decided that any picture taken on a day, even if I handed the camera to someone else and said, "Take this for me" counts. Haha No one answered when I asked so I decided myself.


This is my handsome boy at Cold STone. MMMMMMM


During the So You Think You Can Dance finale, all of the sudden I heard water running. I go to the bathroom and Tyler is up on his step stool filling the sink up with water with a bunch of his toys in it. The water was just about to over flow. Thank goodness I got there in time. I looked at Noah and said, "Did Tyler do that by himself or did you help him?" He looked at me and said, "I may have helped him a little!" Haha Oh kids


Noah kept making comments about my trunk being SO big! Finally I said, "Why don't you climb inside! haha I have one of him and Tyler in it but I just love the pose here! So cute. I always tell everyone I could fit at LEAST four dead bodies in my trunk. Seriously, it's HUGE


I made wheat pizza for dinner. I will add the recipe later because it is SO good! I am in a hurry right now though so I will post it later tonight.

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