Wednesday, August 6, 2008

365 week 9

Holy cow....9 weeks! You would think I would find a better way to do this since I am at week 9 but every week I do it the same way and hate trying to post them because I have to go back and try and figure out which day I took which picture. I need to start saving them the day I take them. I'm just too lazy or busy some days. But any ways. After trying to figure out for the last 40 minutes or so which pictures I took which day I have my new installment of the 365 project. ENJOY

Day one Sunday

Okay so I never wanted to use two pictures for one day because well, I just didn't want to. I figured once I did it once it would become a habit and I really wanted it to be just one for each day. BUT this one was a series and it got funnier as the day went on so I made a collage of the three pictures and counted it as one. Cheater, I know but whatever. So this is what happened. Tyler wore the first outfit to church. After church he wanted to leave his pants and tie on so I just put the tank top on him. Then we took naps and I made him take the tie and the pants off. When he got up I changed his diaper and put those shorts on him and he went and found the tie and made me put it back on him. My mom said he looked like Tom Cruise! haha I especially like the socks in the last pictures.

Day two Monday

This is something my mom has on one of her shelves in her living room. I liked it.

Day three Tuesday

No one else is going to even think this is funny but we were at Walmart getting ready to check out and I saw this and started laughing hysetrically. I just don't think they thought much abou tthe wording on this picture or I think they would have written it differently. For those who are staring at it thinking, "I don't get it" I guess you have to have a sick sense of humor like me. The picture says, "First photo INSIDE Halle's new baby!" cricket, cricket....yeah like I said, it's probably just me on this one.....but whatever its my project! haha

Day Four Wednesday

Although better then sand, I really am growing to hate these stupid wood chips they put on play grounds now a days. Tyler, otherwise known as MONK, gets them in his shoe every two seconds and makes me take his shoes off and dump them out. Seriously, get's old quick! On the way back to the car I flipped one up into my shoe and it hurt! haha I guess I understand now why he wanted me to keep picking them out.

Day Five Thursday

Tyler and Noah laying on the floor playing with Ty's guitar. I just thought that this was cute

Day Six Friday

This was at the playground by my in laws. We were there while the sun was going down and I took a bunch of pictures. I liked the way this one turned out with the pink sky and orange mountains.

Day Seven Saturday

This is my cute niece Amaya! I took a bunch of pictures of her but I can't get enough of the tongue in this one! haha I had to make it my picture for the day. And that's it folks....until next week.

Now you may think me crazy but I was considering doing two of these. HAHA Like I don't have enough going on any ways, but every other day seems to be a picture of Tyler. I thought it might be a good idea to do one strictly for Tyler and then maybe he would have a good journal to look back on for a year of his life he wouldn't be able to remember. I was going to start it on August 1st...Technically, I still can. I am sure I have taken a picture of him every day since we'll see. Next week, we may have TWO 365 projects going....


kailiaelf said...

I like all of these pictures. And I got the Halle one...I was sitting there trying to figure out who would publish a book or what not about inside pictures of the baby...anyways...silly!

Allison said...

YAY! We made it to your blog. That park is very nicely situated, our husbands were lucky to have grown up there.