Friday, August 29, 2008


Man am I tired! i didn't have trouble sleeping when I was pregnant with Tyler. I can NOT fall asleep the last couple of weeks. I know for me things are different. I am not getting any loving from my hubby since he is gone, I am in a different bed that is so small I have to roll over in place and its a LOT harder then my bed at home and I am sleeping in a room with my kid. Yeah, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY different then last pregnancy. It still sucks though. I HATE not being able to sleep. Right now I am so tired but I know that by the time I am done getting ready for bed I will just go lay there thinking and who wants to do that ( especially when they haven't seen there husband for 3 months and has another 3 months to go )

Any ways. I didn't want this to be a complaining blog. Sleep is just on my mind since it is late and I should be going to bed. However, I shrank some pictures earlier today and wanted to post them. We had fun with the in laws in Cedar City, well Tyler was a butt and threw a huge fit when they took us to dinner but other then that it was good. When we got back here to St. George Tyler was upset he didn't get to sleep with me still. He liked cuddling with his momma I guess. Which makes me happy we had no desire to do a family bed! Oh my gosh...I would have never gotten him out of our room because he is my cuddle bug. No offense to anyone who lets their kids sleep with them. It's not for everyone and I am for SURE one of those people it is NOT for. I like my bed to be mine only....well and Cody's of course. Oh my gosh...I am rambling again already. Here are some pictures.

This first 3 pictures are of Tyler with his grandparents. For the longest time we called Cody's parents 'Papa and Nana' and mine 'Grandma and grandpa' Then it started changing. So Tyler to keep things straight started calling Cody's mom "grandma-nana" I think it's so funny. I always try to get good pictures with them but I can never get Cody's mom looking at the camera. She's a sneaky one to get pictures of so I was thrilled to finally get a couple.

Tyler's new obsession is puzzles! These puzzles in the picture here are 63 pieces each and he can do a pretty good amount of them by himself. He wants to do them all day everyday...while watching the Incredible's of course because that is his favorite movie this week. He has favorite lines from the movie too that he will just blurt out whenever and wherever we are. This morning I heard him moving around and opened my eyes. I looked over at him and the first words out of his mouth were, "I'm so proud of you!" haha If you know the movie well, you'll know where that are the others:
"I want to BE normal. Jack Jack's the only normal one and he isn't even potty trained!"
"TV trying to watch"
"It's not about you"
I'm forgetting one but you get the idea. It's always random one liners.

I bought my mom a birdhouse at the dollar store because she loves them. Then we bought paint and I let Tyler do his thang. He hadn't really painted before and he was having so much fun...that is until he got paint on his hand and on his arm and started freaking out! I wasn't kidding when in previous post I called him my little Monk. But he still had lots of fun and is proud of his little bird house! Next we are going to get grandma-nana something and paint it! WOO HOO

Then I let him have some ice cream. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM There are a couple more pictures but they are all kind of random...

I gave him a kit-kat and he had never had one before. He didn't quiet know what to do with it so it just melted in his hand! haha I tried to get a good close up of how melted it was and the chocolate dripping from it!

And last but not least, Tyler's favorite thing to play with at Papa and Nana's. My little guy LOVES instruments. HE seriously know the difference between a guitar, a violin and a flute! he knows a bunch of other instruments too! He loves them all. He;s going to be mu little musician.

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