Sunday, August 17, 2008

365 week 11

Hope these aren't getting old.


We went to a park and I found this really cool leaf. It had obviously been eaten by some kind of bug but I loved how the leaf was still in tact.


This was the day we went to Discovery Park in Cedar City with Kristy and Noah. I am reusing a picture from earlier this week. I tried really hard not to do that this time but some pictures just end up being my favorites.


We went to the play ground this day. I get overwhelmed sometimes with how pretty it is here. Texas can be very pretty too but I can't go to a park and have a play ground like this!


I went on a walk with my mom Wednesday and I took the camera along. I got some good pictures of the sky at sunset but I liked this picture of the cactus. Which reminds me of a funny story I will tell you really quick. My nephew Noah has what the call social autism and sometimes we don't know how to explain things for him. He is VERY smart and sometimes he makes you feel stupid! haha One time he went to play in my moms backyard and she was worried because she has all sorts of cacti. she told him. Noah, see these plants here with all the prickly needles on them? They hurt very bad if you touch them so please be careful okay?" Noah looked at my mom and said, "Okay grandma." Then he couldn't stand it and said, "Um Grandma, those are called cacti." I love that he made it plural because I NEVER make that word plural, I just always says cactus! haha


This was the day I was super sick. We didn't do much. But I got this sweet picture of Tyler needing some loving from grandma.


This was the lightening night. I decided to post one of the pictures before I edited it. so here is what it looked liked before I cropped the street lights out. It actually looks kind of cool like this too but I like it better cropped.


I posted pictures from this night already so I used one I hadn't posted yet. This is a huge tree that had fallen over. I loved how big it's roots were.

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