Sunday, August 24, 2008

Something new PLEASE

I have been SO SICK of my background here on blogger. The problem was that I couldn't figure out how to change it without re-doing all of the my page elements. Since I am lazy and didn't want to redo ALL of them I decided to just keep it until I could figure it out or someone else could tell me how to do it. Well, I got onto blogger tonight wanting to kill sometime before going to bed and found this on my friend Crystal's site

So I went here and looked around. The cool thing is that she tells you how to change your background without having to change EVERYTHING! SCORE. So I changed it and I didn't like the way it turned out. Do you know what bugs me most about blogger templates? That most of them don't go across the full screen and there is a bunch of wasted space. It makes a two paragraph blog look HUGE and so after getting excited about being able to change to a new cute background, I ended up using one the of plain ones blogger provides for you. HAHA I'm so lame I swear but I really like it a whole lot better. My blogs go across much more of the screen now and I think it just looks great. WOO HOO. I am not happy about where my header is and have no idea how to change that, but one thing at a time right?

A quick story for y'all and then I am off to bed since it will be 1 now before I get there. Tyler is kind of a girly boy sometimes. He doesn't really understand "girl" stuff and "boy" stuff which is fine with me. As long as he doesn't want me to put a dress on him I am down with pretty much whatever. Oh and he tried to get me to buy him a Barbie once and I wasn't so sure about that either. He wears bracelets sometimes and loves to put high heels on. We went to the store the other day and he REALLY wanted something from the vending machine on the way in. I had ONE quarter so we were limited in what we could buy. He choose something, we put the money in and out came a necklace. I say pretty a lot and so sometimes he tells me things are pretty. I opened it up and said, "Oh Tyty you got a necklace." Expecting him to say something about it being pretty I was totally shocked when he said, "Oh momma it's beautiful!" HAHA Another reason this is funny is because he has recently gotten into the movie Beauty and the Beast. He calls it Video and the Beast though. BUT when he says, 'Sleeping Beauty" he says it just fine. Isn't that so strange how kids do that? So Cody and I were working on it today over the web cam.

Cody: Say Sleeping Beauty
TY: Sleeping Beauty
Cody: Beauty and the BEast
Ty: Video and the Beast

HAHA Oh to continue the story because it does not end there. So he is sitting in the cart with his necklace around his neck and we get to the fruit snacks. I don't know about you guys but my kid has to have a certain kind or he won't eat them.

ME: Ty do you want Nemo fruit snacks or Scooby Doo fruit snacks?
Ty: I want Princess fruit snacks momma!

Never before had I gotten that response but he has been really into the Disney movies lately. Grandma and grandpa have some and so he keeps getting into their movies and asking to watch stuff. I guess it's a phase. He loves the Princess fruit snacks too! He gets very excited when I ask if he wants one :)

A side note...I tried to make the link an insert you could click on and it wouldn't show up every time I apparently I have something else to work on too. I can NOT figure some of the crap out on here I swear.

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