Friday, August 22, 2008

I got Nothing...

Yeah I feel like I haven't written in here much the last couple of weeks. I feel like we do the same thing every day. Who want sot hear that. Right now we are moving our parents which is really depressing yet exciting at the same time. They got permission to paint ( they are renting ) and so they have been painting and me being pregnant and having Tyler, I can't really help with that. we went over there yesterday and were hanging out for a bit and Tyler is going to LOVE having a yard to play in. The one my parents has now doesn't have any grass and it's small. It's all about the view not having room to do anything. There's lots of cacti too which sucks. At the new place there are some death traps though so I will HAVE to be outside with him which kind of sucks but will be fine. Trips to the bathroom, which happen about once every half an hour, will have to include him coming in with me probably.

There are some other ups to the move as well. We will be closer to EVERYTHING! Except Kristy and Noah which sucks a little. But I really want to take some classes. They have classes every semester for normal people to take just for the knowledge and not for credits. they have some photography ones I want to take and they have a mommy and me class I would really like to take Tyler too. So we'll see. I need to sign up right away though because the mommy and me class starts in a week. Any ways..this one is just kind of a rambling blog about..well nothing really. Okay we are taking naps and then going shopping with Aunt Kristy and Noah. Wish us luck...because last time they BOTH drove us nuts! haha

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