Thursday, August 28, 2008

365 week 12

I have been slacking on posting these projects every week. One time I had to figure out two of these at once and I was so frustrated trying to remember which picture I took which day. The date on my camera is messed up so it changes like half way through the day so I can't always rely on what date it says it was taken on. Anyways...babbling

Day 1

This is from our walk. This is the ONLY picture I took this day. I loved how the rays of lights were coming from the mountain. It was kind of funny because the sun was setting on the other side of the sky so I don't understand where the rays were coming from. But any ways it ended up pretty.

Day 2

Tyler is all about patterns. You do something with him once, chances are he will remember doing it and you will have to do it every day FOREVER after. One time when we were out playing in his monkey pool I brought him some pretzels. It became a thing. He request pretzels every time we are out side playing with the water now. I liked how the glass was leaving a reflection on the chair.

Day 3

We played outside again and this dragon fly is ALWAYS at my parents house bugging us. So I took it's picture. They are so pretty the way the glitter in the sun.

Day 4

This is a fountain that is out by the street by my parents house. It has a bunch of lily pads that bloom during the day time and then close up at night. I had been wanting to go to take pictures of them and then finally got a chance to do so. Here is one of my favorite ones.

Day 5

We were at my parents new house and Tyler and Noah had been playing out side. Tyler was SOOOOO tired and found these pillows on the floor so he helped himself. I titled this picture "helping grandma move" haha

Day 6

I know these two pictures look the same but they are very different in theory. This is at the "old" house. My mom has an exercise ball that Tyler loves to play with. They had taken the air out of it to make it easier to move and Tyler was very sad it didn't have air in it. So he was playing with it anyways without the air. I found him in the hall archway, leaning on it like it was a pillow! haha He's my little weirdo

Day 7

Last but not least, this was taken on our walk. Tyler is all into having his picture taken right now. If I am NOT taking a picture of him he asks me to! AND he says, "CHEESE" It's so cute. So here you go. This week was kind of whatever I could get time to take pictures of. Nothing specific and I am pretty sure the pictures from this week are the same way. BUT I am still doing the project and I can't wait to go back and looked at all of these when the year is over. :) I am going to make a big book of them for us to have as a yearly journal. WOO HOO!


kailiaelf said...

Very nice. I can't believe the picture you got of the dragonfly!

Angela Montgomery said...

You are like a professional photographer! Love all ur pics! Miss my southern utah walks, enjoy some 4 me!

Kade and Emily said...

I can't believe how blue the sky is there! How beautiful. It's been so humid and hazy here lately. yuck.
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