Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Discovery Park

Here are the pictures from discovery park. I was too tired last night to do it. I thought I was getting to bed by 10:30 and I was an hour late. Opps. But at least I did some legs lifts and things I knew they did in my DVD before I went to bed. I slept pretty good which was nice. Any ways...on to the pictures.

That last picture I like because it looks like he was flying in the air and really he was just stepping over something on the wooden toy he was on top of. I thought it looked cool.

I was into the back shot yesterday! haha I really liked how both of these turned out. I especially like the black and white one. I choose the other one for our header and I think I am going to change it already...maybe in a couple of days. There were a lot of pictures I took that I thought would work well there. Isn't that funny? While I am taking pictures I will think, "Oh that one would make a great header for our blogger" Obsessed much?!?!

Then climbed up onto of this fake wooden police car. I got some cute pictures of him which is hard. He doesn't like getting his picture taken! Then Tyler climbed up there with him and I got some cute pictures of the two of them.

Then I got some pictures of Tyler...

Then I asked Tyler to give me some muscles and this is what I got.

Then I asked him again, and got it the second time around. Now for some final pictures.

Am I being confusing? For some pictures the description is below and for some its above..sorry about that. I don't have time to fix it either so if I am being confusing and you need to ask a question, please do. Here is my preggo picture for the day...

and here are some artsy pictures as my sister called them when I was taking them...

I have a couple more artsy pictures but hadn't shrunk them yet. I'll post them later. Also I have pictures from Sunday that I haven't posted yet that I will hopefully later on today.

We are potty training today for the first time in like 6 months. At first when I told Tyler we were gonna use the big boy potty today he started crying. He is WAY tired from yesterday still and really sensitive. We are using the bribing method. I bought him M and M's and told him if he sat on the potty he could have one. I also made him a potty chart because he is really into stickers. FINALLY after asking him for an hour if he wanted to sit on the potty for an M and M, he agreed. He sat on the potty and then washed his hands, put a sticker on his chart and ate an M and M. WOO HOO! Let's hope the rest of the day is okay and that he doesn't get sick of this!


Crystal said...

YUCK! Potty training sucks! I did that 3 day potty training and 10 months later she was completely potty trained. UGH. When Elijah came along she completely regressed and did her business in her pants, like the baby, blah.

Allison said...

You have a true talent when it comes to creativity behind the lens. One comment, no pictures of your sister, hmmm.