Monday, August 11, 2008

What a day...

We drove up to Cedar City today with Kristy and Noah and played at Park Discovery. They had a blast...well aside from the fact that Noah got sick from going in circles on the tire swing and threw up ( after being there only 15 or 20 minutes ) We had fun and it was a long, very tiring day! I have a MILLION pictures to share but I am exhausted. I am going to bed. I will post the pictures tomorrow.

Oh and for those keeping track, I didn't work out Saturday. I was having some major back problems and by the end of the night could barely walk it hurt so bad! Then Sunday I don't exercise any ways. Tonight...completely forgot and already showered and am about to pass out. I am however going to do some leg lifts before I go to bed because that will take a whole 5 minutes. That way I get SOMETHING in and thats where all the extra weight is going right now, my thighs! Not good. So here's to a good nights sleep, lots of uploaded pictures tomorrow and a good work out tomorrow night. I am shooting for either 30 minutes with my DVD or a good 30 minute walk around this gorgeous neighborhood. After all, we are only going to be here a couple more weeks and then my parents are moving about 10 minutes away. So good night to y'all.

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