Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pine Valley

We went to Pine Valley this evening for an activity for my dad's ward. For those who do not know, my dad is one of the singles wards for Dixie collage. So we went and I got to take tons of gorgeous pictures. Not all of them turned out great because of my flash. I kept turning it off but then the pictures would blur a little. But when I got home and put them on my lap top I fixed some of them and the rest I wish I would have known they were blurring. But oh well. I am SO tired and it is way late. SOOOOOOO I am only going to post a few pictures of the scenery and then post all the pictures of Tyler tomorrow. Hope you enjoy these though and look forward to more tomorrow.

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kailiaelf said...

HAHA! I posted the comment about nature pics for your project before I saw this. LOL. Oh well. I really like the woodsy feel of these. Great job!