Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Miss Blogger Neglecter

That's what Jim called me today. I guess that means I haven't been updating my blog as much as I used to. I know there have been days when I updated it 4 times and other times when I went 2 or 3 days without anything exciting to say. Lately I am just busy, OR I don't have the internet...long story short, I am being a slacker but it's not always my fault. Today I got some good pictures though. I love pictures as most know by now, but I don't feel like every post has to have them in it. It seems like lately, that's the only time I blog, to post pictures. I'll try and do better but for tonight, your getting pictures. My back is killing me and it's decided to move down into my legs which is always fun RIGHT before going to bed. Restless leg syndrome anyone?

Any ways...I'll explain the pictures as I go along. Oh and let me ask a question just because I wonder what y'all think ( oh and for those who read this who don't have a blogger account, your aloud to comment too! I promise! ) I was just curious for my 365 project, sometimes I have someone take a pictures for you think this still counts as my picture for the day? Just curious, I have a timer and I would for SURE count it if I put the timer on and took one but what about if I say, "Here Kristy take a picture for me?" I know it's my project and I can do whatever the heck I want, but I was just wondering what y'all thought...okay on to the pictures

Tyler has a new obsession with the Dollar Tree. He takes after his momma because I freaking LOVE the dollar tree. Any time we go grocery shopping we have to go to the dollar store first now and pick out a toy. I know thats such a bad habit to get into but I figured when I am only spending a dollar, who cares if it gets me through the shopping trip with out the cries and the fits and the asking to be held for half or the trip! A couple of days ago we went and he bought this helmet. Then it disappeared and I wasn't sure what happened to it. we got from our weekend in Cedar City and it was gone. we went out Monday with Kristy and Noah and I mentioned this to her and Noah started laughing and said, "Oh that because I hid it under the bed!" haha So that's why he has two now. We went to the dollar tree earlier that day and they had another helmet there and Tyler insisted we buy it. I told him he could pick a toy and thats what he picked so I figured who cares if we already had one, especially since at the time I didn't know where the other one was. Then Noah came over and found the one he hid so we had two of them out. Tyler kept saying, "Oh momma you wear it!" and then would put it on my head. If I took it off he would get mad and put it back on so I had Kristy take a picture.

Now I need to back track. Monday was awful! For those of you in Texas who are reading this, I would have SHOT myself if this had happened to us there! haha My mom and dad's power went out a little after 8 in the morning. At first it wasn't so bad. Tyler's DVD player was charged and it wasn't that hot yet. It just so happened to be on a morning where my head was POUNDING and I could barely get off of the couch. That didn't really help at all. Finally around 10 or so Cody called me and as we were talking I managed to get up and eat something. What a difference that made. My head was still hurting but not throbbing. I started to get dressed and Tyler said, "Let's go shopping momma" It took me a half an hour or so to get him and I ready but by this time the house was starting to get hot. I called Kristy to see if they wanted to go with us and she informed me that their power had already come back on. I figured it would be no time at all before ours would be restored too.

We get in the car and drive to the dollar store. That's when we bought the second helmet. I also bought some Tylenol to keep in my purse for emergencies. For a dollar, I get 8 pills...not too bad actually and it was the extra strength kind. WOO HOO We start to walk out of the store and Tyler says, "Okay let's go home momma" I look at him and say, "You don't want to go to the red car store?" Which for those who don't know, that means the grocery store. They have the car carts for the little kids which makes shopping SO WORTH it ( even know their prices are a little more then walmart ) Tyler will sit in the cart and play the whole time I shop usually. He informs me that he wants to go home. I asked him about 5 times and every time he said, "No let's go home momma" Go figure! I was going to buy a bag or two of ice to stick in the fridge so that everything didn't go bad.

We get into the car and I remember that I was going to have tacos for lunch which were left overs from Sunday dinner and required the stove and the microwave, BOTH thins I can't use with no power. Then I start thinking about other things I could make and basically I was screwed. Then I remembered the Little Cesar's Pizza right across the street. SWEET! I go get some crazy bread, some sauce to dip it in ( which was almost 2 dollars!!!! ) and a large pizza. As I start to drive home thinking, "I am sure the power is back now since Kristy's came on two hours ago" I start to notice that all the water falls along the way are not running! CRAP! Which I said out loud and Tyler of course heard and repeated several times in the back seat after I told him not too! I pull into the drive up and open the door and NO SUCH LUCK! It was getting pretty hot too. I was talking to Cody on the phone and without even thinking I opened the microwave up to heat up the sauce because it was really cold and remembered I couldn't use it! DOH!

Man, I just noticed the time so I better speed things up here...We ate lunch and by this time I forgot to mention that TYler's DVD player had run out of battery right before we went shopping, he brought it with us in the car any ways out of habit even though I told him it wasn't working. "I need to plug it in Momma" he kept saying. How do you explain no power to a 2 year old? I realized my lap top had a full battery and played DVD's which seemed like a brilliant plan at the time and it was. Until today when Tyler said, "I want to watch Monsters Inc on computer momma." Crap again!

We went down for naps even though by this time it was 90 degrees in the house. Some of you are probably thinking, "Why didn't she just go to Kristy's house?" Well, Jon hadn't been feeling well and I didn't know if it was contagious or not and seeing as how I am pregnant and Tyler is little, I didn't want to chance it.

SO, Tyler actually feel asleep pretty quick, as did I for like 20 whole minutes. i woke up with my head hurting again and covered in sweat. GROSS! Tyler slept for an hour. he was wearing just his diaper but he always sleeps with his blue blanket and was covered in sweat. I woke him up after an hour because he was so hot. At this point it was almost 4 in the afternoon. The stuff in the freezer was melting and Jon was at work, so we took the frozen stuff to Kristy's and stuck it in her freezer and then my mom took my car to the gym and Kristy, Tyler, Noah and I went to the mall. The most wonderful thing happened when we got there. They have these car carts and they are freaking 5 dollars to rent them...yeah, what a rip off huh? The last time we were there, he threw a HUGE fit because we didn't get him one. This time I came prepared with 5 ones. This woman comes walking up and says, "Here you can have ours, we're leaving." It was a double one even so Noah got to sit in it too! WOO HOO The lady looks at us and says, "Save your 5 dollars" We went and got pretzels and smoothies which were delicious and then Kristy went to Bath and Body works. Then she took the kids to the play area and I left her some quarters and a dollar to keep them occupied while I went to the motherhood maternity store! I was so excited to go and they had lots of stuff on sale. I had like 6 things in the dressing room with me. I got about half way through my stuff and I get a text message from Kristy that reads, "Must leave ASAP. Jon's in the ER" What the heck?! So I grab my stuff because I wanted to buy two of the things I had tried on and right as I am paying she comes with the kids and says, "Jon got attacked my a dog!" So I didn't get to even try on a couple of things. Hopefully I can go back soon and they will still have my sizes!

So yeah, poor Jon got attacked by a dog. It was injured and he was trying to help it and he got bit. Then he tried to pull it off of him and it turned and bit his other hand and arm. The second one was deep and hit his bone and he started to feel like he was going to pass out. SO he called in for help and by the time they got to him he was passed out in his truck! Oh dear...

So any ways, I REALLY need to go to bed but I will finish posting the pictures first.

Jim and Penny brought over Brownies and set them on the table. My mom came in and said, "You need to take a picture of Tyler" So I go into the kitchen and find him just staring at them on the table! haha My little fatty

Here is Tyler on my parents bed. He was playing with grandma. I loved the way his face looked in this picture the best but it looks like my mom is strangling him! haha I decided I'd post it any ways.

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