Thursday, September 24, 2009

A boy after my own heart!

So mommy got her camera out and was trying to get some pictures of Kayla standing up by herself. Tyler was being a little needy as far as getting my attention since I was only taking her picture. I got out my little camera that does the video clips and wanted him to try and make her laugh. He decided that HE needed to take pictures with the little camera. I decided to go ahead and let him. Well, for the last hour and a half or so he has carried the camera around taking pictures of everything and anything! It's so funny. One time I saw him taking a picture of Kayla's formula on the counter. I had just got out a new one so there were two right next to each other. I watched him take a picture and then proceed to turn both cans around and match them up. I started laughing to myself because we always call him our little "Monk" and then I expected him to take another picture. NOPE! He just wanted to line them up and make sure they were facing the right way. I swear...

Any ways. I don't have the pictures on here yet because he is still in the "zone" taking more pictures but I think I will for sure post some of them later. One of the last pictures he took was in side of my sweater WHILE I was wearing it so I think I will leave that one out. Oh yeah and the one he took of my butt. I said, "What are you doing Tyler?" and he replied, as if it was nothing, "I'm taking a picture of your bum!" HAHA Cody already told me he wants that one! :)

On a side note WE GOT NEW CARPET! Woo hoo It was so nice because our house smelled like a model home all day yesterday. It still does, it is just now I am used to it. Oh and one more story. Tyler had his dance class on Tuesday and him and Madison were ALL over each other during class. I of course didn't bring my camera this time and I wish I would have because while waiting in line to do stuff across the floor, Tyler was standing behind Madison with his arms around her rib cage and his hands were RIGHT on her CHEST! haha Then Madison had her hands on top of Tylers and they were just standing like that waiting. Stacie and I were dying! Then they did their turn and went and got in line again. This time they were in the same position but reversed and Madison kept biting Tyler's ear. HAHA Then Tyler would say, "Madison stop!" all teasingly like. Kissing cousins baby!

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