Wednesday, February 16, 2011


When I am cooking in the kitchen Kayla likes to come in and try and get attention.  She tries this in many different ways.  My favorite is when she goes over to our cupboards and tells me "Oh no momma, I stuck!"

This particular day this wasn't enough I guess.  She actually crawled up inside of the cupboard.  Then she pretended to be asleep.

Then she tried coming out feet AND head first!

crazy little girl.  She also likes to hide in her curtains

And just so this post isn't ALL about Kayla

That Tyler guy sure wears some interesting outfits around the house!  This one is one of my person favorites from a couple of weeks ago

No pants on, underwear, big t-shirt, a tie and his helmet.  HAHA Then there was this one from a few days ago...

His crab hat, no pants again and a t-shirt.

He sure can look handsome too though! Here he is with daddy sporting his new church outfit.  He picked it out himself.  And lastly....

What makes me kids so weird?!  Seriously?!?!  haha

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Kristy Lou said...

That was way cute! I love the funny pictures of the kids. Made my day. :)