Monday, January 20, 2014

Going Away Party

When we found out we were moving to Texas we decided to was the perfect opportunity to have a BBQ.  Cody had been dying to smoke some meat and so we invited our friends over to share some food and fun with us.  The food was great and the company was even better.  Here are some of the pictures I managed to get.

                                     We had some live entertainment by the Shutter clan

                                                    Chris and Amanda

                                        The kids had fun running around playing

                                              Me and my girls!  Natalie, Amanda, Gina and Casey

I swear we don't drink but we do weird things completely sober!  

                                               They begged me not to go but alas….I had too!

Cody and Chris were the biggest party animals of all!  Chris has a door knob he was installing in another friends house that wouldn't work and Cody knew how to fix it.  They sat at the table for 10 to 15 minutes, not talking, just staring at Cody work on the door knob!  But he fixed it!  WOO HOO

Seth and Damon found the iPad's and were in heaven!  

Everyone had a good time!  So thanks Garcia's, Tobler's, Horvath's, Shutter's and Snow family for coming and saying goodbye!  We sure do miss you all!!!

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Ryan and Lettice Barnum said...

Haha! I love all the pictures. I especially love the one of them staring at the door knob! Cali looks beautiful! I love the new blog :)