Monday, January 20, 2014

San Diego Fun

When we went to Lego land we spent the night in La Jolla and took the next day to go to the temple and the beach.  The Temple was so pretty!  I took a million pictures while I was there.  I'll try not to post toooooooo many of the pictures.

Here we are

                                           We haven't changed at all in 10 years right?!  haha

After this we went to Carlsbad beach.  We got to run around on the beach for a while and take some more pictures.  I wish we had had time to play in the water but the kids got to dip their feet in.  

We had an enjoyable time.  Well, the kids and I had a good time.  Daddy is not really a beach person.  haha  After this we went home and Cody started packing for Texas.  :(  He had to leave the next day and we were going to miss him.

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