Saturday, November 22, 2008


Man, has pregnancy been kicking my butt all of the sudden. I managed to still walk 3 times this week with my sister and then today we walked again but a much shorter distance. We only walked 1 mile instead of a little over 3. Normally we don't walk on Saturday but Noah felt left out that Mommy got to walk every morning without him so he said they needed to go on one and then added that Tyler and I had to come too. So we did and it was fun. Then Tyler and I headed for Target and he was a very good boy. I let him pick out a toy for his birthday. He of course pick an annoying microphone that is loud and plays annoying music he can sing along too. He loves it but my sister was going to kill me for buying it for him. Oh well.

I don't have much to say but I didn't want to JUST post 365 pictures for the week. Oh I forgot I started out this blog with a purpose. I have been WAY tired, even with naps lately. I told Cody, "I have been feeling kind of gross and I am so tired. I don't know what the deal is" To which Cody's response was, "Um Katie, you're like 8 months pregnant!" DUH! Sometimes I forget. My pelvic bones have been killing me lately. Still that actually excites me because that is one of the many reasons why I think Tyler's delivery went well. My hips and pelvic bones had already moved so I didn't have as much moving to do once my water broke and all that good stuff. Probably one of the reasons I had NO CLUE I was in labor. Any ways. I think I am off to bed for now. Sorry this was kind of a blah, blah, blah blog. I do have good news! I am in the single digits for when Cody comes home. ONly 8 more days! I couldn't be happier!


Sandy said...

Ugh, I just had to check your blog, and what do you know, my blog didn't update like it was supposed to and tell me you posted! lol Has that happened to you? It's really annoying!
As for your pelvic pressure...i'm so there with you! It's horrible....probably the worst part! I hope your feeling better though and we always know they're totally worth it in the end! :) Yay for babies! :D

Kade and Emily said...

I SO do not miss being pregnant!