Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 21 of project 365

I am 3 weeks behind on my project and I am so depressed about that. It makes it SO hard to figure out what days are what. Yesterday I managed to get one of the weeks done which made it a little easier. I am posting that one now and hopefully in the next day or two I can get the other two weeks done and be caught up. So here is week 21 which is the 19th through the 25th

Day 1 Oct 19th

This was our last day on our Cali trip. My cell phone didn't work in our hotel room so Cody called us at the hotel. This was a picture of TYler tlaking to daddy on the hotel phone. He thought that was so cool

Day 2 Oct 20th

Tyler was VERY into grandma and grandpa this week since we had just been away for a week.

Day 3 Oct 21

This was during my kids bath. Notice all the dirt around the tub. That was from his nasty, dirty, hands!

Day 4 Oct 22

Noah and Aunt Kristy came over to play and while they were here Noah, Tyler and Grandma sat on the bed and watched a movie.

day 5 Oct 23

This was Uncle Scotties Birthday, which has nothing to do with the picture. haha I made these for Halloween. I saw the exact same thing in a store for 6 bucks and I thought, I could make that for WAY less. So I did...

Day 6 Oct 24

This was the day we went to Old Navy. Rather then use the pictures of him making out with the Dog or holding hands with the headless mannequins, I decided to use a different one. This was while we were eating ice cream. They have these tables with umbrella's we were sitting at.

Day 7 Oct 25

This was a good day. It was really nice out side and Tyler and I played out side for an hour or two. We watered all the flowers and jumped on the trampoline. I took a picture of him watering the flowers.

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