Saturday, November 22, 2008

365 week 22

last night I tried to upload my last two weeks because I FINALLY did them. BUT the internet was being dumb and I was so tired that I said screw it. So here is the first of two that I am going to post today. ENJOY

DAY 1 Nov 2

This is me getting ready to go to church.

Day 2 Nov 3

We went to Walmart and on the way home was the BEST sunset ever and I had the prettiest drive I had ever had! I couldn't stand it and finally got my little camera out and took picture's while I was driving! haha SHHHH don't tell

Day 3 Nov 4

Tyler was very into the trampoline this week. It was cold so we had to bundle up which I LOVE little kids in warm clothes. So cute. This picture was of him right after he caught the Frisbee and was so excited about it.

Day 4 Nov 5

Tyler is so weird sometimes and I am so glad I usually have a camera in my hand to document it. :) He always eats crackers out of this plastic cup and when he had eaten all of them he told me his doggie wanted some and shoved his head in the cup and then walked away. HAHA It sat like that until I took the dogs head out after Tyler went to bed that night. My mom came home from work and couldn't stop laughing. She thought I had done it but when she found out it was Tyler, so immediately asked if I took a picture yet. Did I take a picture yet?! Obviously, my mother still doesn't know me as well as I thought!

Day 5 Nov 6

Tyler loves the trampoline and he always does "split jumps" I finally got one of camera! It's so hard to get a picture of because by the time the shutter goes off he is usually back on the trampoline.

Day 6 Nov 7

Grandma and Tyler cuddling on the couch

Day 7 Nov 8

This is Tyler's new Spongebob nightlight. I bought it and we turned it on and I realized that it changes colors. I was kind of mad because it was really expensive and I figured if the colors were constantly changing it would keep him up. Boy was I wrong. The first week we had it, I don't think it ever took him longer then 15 minutes to go to sleep. He was so busy watching the lights change that he wasn't squirming around and would just slip right off to sleep. :)

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