Sunday, November 30, 2008

A quick post ( hopefully )

I just wanted to post some pictures really quick before we go to bed. I AM SO TIRED IT'S RIDICULOUS! I tried to go take pictures for that family today and the baby wouldn't stop crying. So I am going back tomorrow right before Cody gets home so we can try again. Hopefully we can get him to cooperate this time. I wanted to write about the birthday party we had Friday but I REALLY need to go to sleep. So does Tyler. We all have a BIG day tomorrow. We can't wait to see Daddy! It's weird knowing that he is sleeping in our bed in Texas right now. It feels good knowing he is in the USA though. Here are some pictures we took today before everyone left and went their separate ways.

This was the BEST picture I could get with grandma and grandpa with all 3 grandkids. Tyler was crying and not having it. At the last second we got him to walk over real quick and say cheese. Not the best picture at all but better then nothing

Here are the sista's and Bradlie. My sister in law Lauren to the left, then Kristy, Bradlie, Kim and I

Here is my VERY flexible sister doing her split jumps on the trampoline

Tyler's tummy. I think it looks funny because he was sucking it in a little and it almost looks like he has a six pack!

The 3 kids. This was the best one of these as well. Noah kept giving us the thumbs up and winking one of his eyes! haha Crazy boy

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