Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Old Navy 2

Perfect timing. I just posted the pictures last night of Tyler at Old Navy and talked about how he was calling the mannequins his "friends". We went to have lunch with my parents and it was in the parking lot with the Old Navy. As we were pulling into the drive way, Tyler started saying, "I need to go visit my friends Momma!" I didn't get it at first and then realized he meant Old navy. My kid needs to be back in Texas where he does have a friend or two!

I also posted the blog right after about Tyler saying funny things. This morning he crawled into my bed and we were messing around. He started laughing and he said, "Momma, I'm cracking!" haha He meant, "I'm cracking up!" Because that's what I always say when he laughs really hard. So he just remembered the cracking part. Later on that day he said it again. "Momma, I cracking. I cracking mommma!" I love kids...

And now, it's nap time

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Angela Montgomery said...

How did he get 2 be so funny?! I love readin your blog the most and love all the stories and fun pics!!!