Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Man, have I been neglectful this week. We haven't had tons going on and so I just haven't written. I passed my glucose test on Monday which was nice. Then yesterday Tyler and I drove up to Cedar City to visit Cody's parents. We spent the night there and then came back today. They are driving to Texas in a day or two for Thanksgiving and so they are going to bring some stuff home for me. I am so lucky to have such nice in laws. I gave them two boxes of clothes, so we'll see what they can fit in their car for me. I am getting home sick for my own bed now that it's getting so close, but at the same time, I am going to miss the red mountains here so much! :( Any ways. So we have been boring but that's all I got for now. I am SO behind on my picture project that I haven't wanted to do it, which just makes it worse. Any suggestions for themes for next week? My family will all be here for Thanksgiving so I am trying to think of one that will kind of go along with what we will be doing. Maybe I should just be cliche and do things I am thankful for....what you think? I have been slacking off and at 9 or 10 at night take a random picture so I need a theme or something. I am off to bed now. I am so tired these days and not having a nap and going to bed on a couch doesn't help. :) Oh and I just had to comment on my new header...I LOVE the yellow leaves here. I pull off the side of the road to take that picture and I really like the way it came out. Okay I am really going now

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Loni's Argyle Socks said...

I really love your new header too! I've had that Quote in my head ever since conference. That was such a good talk!