Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, yesterday started out kind of rough. We went walking and after we got back to my sisters house she noticed my car was leaking oil. SO DEPRESSING since it's my car. Good news is that it is under warranty still so we shouldn't have to pay for it, bad news is that the dealership couldn't get to it until Thursday! BOOOOOOO! So tomorrow I am off to the dealership at 9 in the morning to turn it in and I hope it's not in the shop for too long. So that was kind of depressing for me. Then Tyler was kind of cranky and giving me some trouble around nap time. We were going out with my sister and nephew after naps so he needed to be well rested. Let's just say his nap was maybe an hour. I think he was excited about going shopping. We went to the mall first to pick up Tyler's pictures from SEARS. It turns out that they messed up the pictures. All the pictures they ordered the day we got our pictures taken had a line through them. Seriously though, you could barely see the line even after they pointed it out to us. SO what they did was offer them to me for WAY cheap plus they had already re-ordered my original pictures and I'll get those on Friday. I ended up paying 20 dollars in TOTAL and got, 3-10X13's, 1 10x13 calendar for 2009, 6 5X7's, 40wallets, 4 or 5 8X10's and 32 mini wallets! I SCORED! PLUS, some of the bigger prints are in black and white, my favorite and some have the faded edges and stuff. And look how cute the picture is:

Then we left and went to get some pizza. We were gonna go to this pizza buffet place and we pulled into the parking lot and it was closed. Grrrrr! So we decided to order Papa John's. They said it would take 10 to 15 minutes so we walked to Old Navy which was in the same parking lot. It turns out they were having this huge sale on summer clothes for kids. They had bins of clothes and everything was either 97 cents or 47 cents. I got our future child like 10 tops ranging from 12 months to 3t's. Some for 47 cents and some for 97 cents. Then I got Tyler 2 pair of swim trunks for next year that were 97 cents each and a pair of basketball shorts for the same price, all of which were originally $14.99. I got two tops for my niece and then I got tyler a book for 7 bucks and a onesie for the baby that says, "Daddy's girl" for 7 bucks as well. When the lady range me up she said she was going to go back later and put in the sale prices. The first time it came up as almost 80 dollars! She finished and it was down to 17 NICE, except I got outside and realized that didn't add up right. The two things that were 7 bucks got put in for 97 cents as well. I went back inside and showed them and then paid an extra 14 or 15 dollars. So basically I got 20 items, two of which were 7 bucks each, for 33 dollars! WOO WOO. I was so freaking excited. So here's a picture of my big purchase.


MADISON'S SHIRTS ( notice the skulls heehee )

Our future daughters first Daddy's girl shirt! Isn't it sweet!?

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Sandy said...

Holy crap! lol I wish I were there! That is awesome!
That's the good thing about living somewhere/being somewhere when the seasons change, they have awesome sales!