Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please Read

SO I got some scary news today! We got a brand new heater and air conditioning system put in our house about a month ago. It was nice because someone Cody knows from work did it for us and so we got it done cheaper. Every time Cody is gone and making more money, SOMETHING goes wrong in the house and we have to spend money to get something fixed or replaced. When he was in Kuwait about a year or so ago, we had to buy a washer and dryer, fridge, and a dishwasher in a matter of two months. Since he was making extra money, we were able to pay for all of those in full when we bought them. That was a HUGE blessing for us.

ANY WAYS. we bought the air conditioning unit and heater and had it installed for a couple thousand dollars which we thought was pretty good. It turns out that we did it JUST in time because the guy we installed it for us told Cody that our heater was leaking for the last couple of months and once it got cold and we turned the heater on, it would have leak carbon monoxide into our house!!! I know what you are thinking and NO WE DO NOT HAVE CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS IN OUR HOUSE! SOOOOOOOO basically, we would have died if we didn't have it done and you bet your A$$ we are getting detectors when we get home!!!!! If you have an old house like me and don't have them, please get them. My sister said she got one and it was like 30 dollars and even talks to you! haha It will call out "FIRE FIRE" if it's a fire and "CARBON MONOXIDE" if it's that. Even if you DON'T have an old house, get some. It could save your life. I am so grateful that Heavenly father was watching out for us and protecting our family. Good thing Cody was listening to the spirit and got that taken care of when he did. That's my little lecture for the day...and I am done.


Crystal said...

Wow that's crazy! I am happy you guys got that done before anything horrible happened. =)

Allison said...

I am glad you weren't home too.

Same thing happens to us. Everytime Shad gets a bonus, something needs fixed on the car. Then I had an impression I think came from the Holy Ghost "every time something needs fixed on the car you get a bonus, a blessing of a full tithe payer". It's still hard to think of that bonus not going for something fun or increasing our savings, but I am thankful I am a full tithe payer.

Sandy said...

So glad you guys weren't there! That's crazy! But awesome that you guys did get it taken care of! Heavenly Father is so good to us!