Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Complete Crap

SOOOOOO I have a million things to do but I thought I would let everyone know that Cody made it here safe and we had a good day yesterday. He had SERIOUSLY been here five minutes when his boss called and told him he is going on a trip. Stupid ESP, not only is he going on a trip but he leaves MONDAY! Seriously, what is wrong with his company? He gets to be with us for a week and then they are sending him away. Tyler is going to be a basketcase. Oh and I forgot to mention that Monday is Cody's birthday! Happy birthday to him!!! He gets to be stuck in air ports and on planes all day after JUST getting home. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Now with that out of the way we are excited to be together right now. Cody has been able to feel the baby kick already which is awesome although he keeps freaking out over my stomach! haha He KNOWS I am pregnant, but knowing it and seeing it is two different things. It makes me laugh. We stayed at a super nice hotel last night and got to just be together and Tyler slept at grandma and grandpa's. He cried when he woke up and we weren't here yet. We got here about 15 minutes later and he was SOOO glad to see us. He jumped on me yelling, "Look my mommies here!" heehee He was very excited. Okay, I must roll. Got some much stuff to do I have no idea how we are going to get all it done. Wish us luck on our drive back to Texas. We start that journey on Thursday but I will try and update once before then. :)


Allison said...

Oh, Katie, Cody, I am soooo sorry that Cody has to go away again. Good luck with getting home. Have extremely safe travels and enjoy being stuck in a car for 20 hours together.

Glad Cody made it back from overseas safely.

Sandy said...

Glad that he made it home safe...and that is total crap that he has to leave again...that is so freaking messed up.

kailiaelf said...

How long does he have to be gone this time? Ridiculous! But you have a great outlook on the time you have together. Good luck!