Monday, December 15, 2008

Black Friday

I know this was quite a while ago but I thought I would go back and talk about our day. We had a pretty good day. We started off with a little bit of shopping. Not a lot, but we did shop for like an hour. Then Tyler and I came home and had naps. Then when we got up we had dinner and then we had a birthday celebration. It was actual Aunt Kimmie's birthday. We also celebrated Noah and Tyler's birthday as well. Noah loves his Aunt Kimmie and so a couple of years ago he decided that his birhtday was also November 28th instead of the 10th like when he was actually born. So on the 10th of November no one is allowed to tell him Happy Birthday! My sister even talks to his teacher every year and tells her not to say anything on his actual birthday. HAHA SOOOOO we had a triple birthday party. I bought Noah a Dora the Explorer Pinata for his birthday. Let me explain. Noah HATES Dora the Explorer. HE even taught Tyler to say Dora is evil. : ) SOOOOOO I thought maybe a Dora Pinata would be fun because he could beat her and he LOVED IT! We had it be a surprise and we had Uncle Scott and Kristy put it up in the back yard while he wasn't looking.

Awwwwww, isn't she cute! Then we gave Noah a bat and had him close his eyes as his mommy took him outside. The second he saw it he ran for her and just started swinging. It was hysterical. Here are some pictures of him beating her!

Here Noah is getting a running start!

Look at how into it he was! His leg even came up in this picture.

Look at the pure joy in his face! haha Notice in this picture that it is JUST her head. Yeah the candy was all over the ground and the grown ups were all picking it up and Noah was still beating Dora's head. Hysterical!

And here is Tyler being very gentle with her. :)

We then went inside and had cup cakes. Kim wanted some red velvet ones so her and my mom made those and I made regular ones for Tyler. I also bought some Walle cupcake decorations for the tops. Tyler and Noah loved those.

Noah blew out the candles one by one and then said, "Okay I am 10 now!" We won't tell him that he had already been 10 for like 3 weeks.

Here is TYler with his...he was trying to be like his Aunt Kimmie in this one. Don't worry, he wasn't as close to the lite candle as it appears in the picture I promise! haha

And here is Aunt Kimmie eating hers...she was holding Bradlie so she just decided to not use her hands. Smart thinking Aunt Kimmie

Here are the hats Aunt Kimmie bought for Tyler and Noah

I was going to load a couple of other pictures as well but blogger is not liking the pictures I wanted to upload. I think they are too big so I will shrink them and upload them later. At least I feel like I am some what caught up now, even though I am not! I STILL need to do my 365 project ones and I started a new week so I REALLY need to get those done. It's nap time so I will be back in a bit...

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