Thursday, December 18, 2008

TAG you're it!

I got tagged! At least I am assuming that the Katie that got tagged was me! haha You are supposed to open up the 6th folder on your computer and post the 6th picture from it and tag 6 people. Of ALL the pictures I have on my lap top, mine had to be SUPER boring! It is just a picture of Cody and Tyler at the Alamo right before Cody left in May. I can't believe just how stinking tiny Tyler looks in the picture though. I mean seriously, he looks like he is a year older now and that was just 6 months ago. My kid has grown so much these last couple of months. Any ways. Here is the picture and I just wanted everyone to know that we actually did eat at Hooter's at the River Walk later on that night while Tyler was wearing this shirt and they brought him a balloon! haha

And while I am here writing a blog I thought I would post my newest pregnant picture. I saved it as 33 weeks pregnant but technically I am not 33 weeks until tomorrow. But whatever. Here it is. I am getting big folks...

Oh and I do I even know 6 people who read my blog....Cari, Crystal, Sandra, Angela, Allison and Emily oh and I am not gonna cry or anything if I tagged you and you don't do it. I still wish my picture was a little more exciting but maybe yours will be.


Angela Montgomery said...

We're loving the snow! Our laptop died b4 we came out & we're hoping it's fixable. So I may not be able to respong to the tag but hopefully I'll be getting some good pics from the trip!

kailiaelf said...

I did my tag! And so what if you took your picture A DAY before 33 weeks???? You are still 33 weeks. Looking good!