Monday, December 8, 2008


We made it home and are so excited to be here. Tyler is loving all of his toys he hasn't seen in 6 months. He keeps bringing stuff to me and showing me how cool it is. I on the other hand had the best sleep I have had since I have been gone, in my OWN bed WITH my husband next to me! It was awesome. I didn't even move from the position I fell asleep in for like 4 hours and that was a miracle I didn't wake up any sooner with a cramp in my legs or because I had to pee! :) It was wonderful. Also, Tyler is doing good in his big boy bed in his room ALL BY HIMSELF! WOO HOO! So far so good. Too bad Cody had to leave this morning. It is his 27th birthday too! What a birthday for him.

All sorts of things have changed around here but at the same time, mostly everything is the same. we had a little birthday celebration last night with Aunt Stacie, Madison and Uncle Kurt. We had dinner at El Tapatio and then had cake at their house. Then the kids rocked out on the drums. :) It was a good time. Today we had lunch with Sarah, Julia and Collins. The kids kept hugging and at one point they were hugging so tightly that they fell to the floor and Julia hit her poor little head HARD on the ground. Then about 15 minutes later, they did it again only Tyler hit his head this time but not nearly as hard as Julia did. When we left they both cried and Tyler kept saying "We'll see Julia and Sarah tomorrow!" haha


Sandy said...

glad to hear you made it safe and sound!

kailiaelf said...

Yay for home! Glad to hear Tyler is doing well in his own space too. It makes it so much nicer.