Thursday, December 18, 2008

365 week 26

Okay my this is my last update until this week is over. WOO HOO! I am sure you are as sick of them as I am...I just want to be writing about what is going on in the present again. That would be awesome.

Dec 7 day 1

This is Madison opening Tyler's birthday present for him. That's true friendship right there. She didn't want to have to burden him with a small thing like opening his own present! haha

Dec 8 day 2

Tyler and Julia so happy to be around each other again!

Dec 9 day 3

This is what my house was like for several days after getting back to Texas. Tyler was so excited about all the toys and books he had he would get EVERYTHING out at once. In this picture, he had taken ALL of the books off of the shelves and were then laying on top of them while reading one. haha

Dec 10 Day 4

This was our Doctors visit day and Tyler eating his victory chips! :D

Dec 11 Day 5

We went to the grocery store today and they gave Tyler a balloon when we were leaving. This was us playing with it later on that night. You can't tell in the picture but it is stuck to his hair! He thought that was pretty funny.

Dec 12 day 6

Tyler bought a horse on a stick...he loves it and this was him playing with it.

Dec 13 Day 7

Us at the play ground. Poor kid hadn't been in FOREVER and had SOOOOOO much fun!

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