Monday, December 22, 2008

Does my man know me or what?

Okay, so my girl has so many clothes already and she isn't even born. But what girl could have too many clothes right? So far she has both cheetah outfits and owl outfits because I have a thing for both. I had neglected to notice that I hadn't gotten her any skull outfits! Cody has been in Washington on a trip. He has been going present crazy! He bought Tyler some DVD's and a book. He also bought me a necklace for our anniversary which is on Saturday. He only worked until 3 everyday so he would go to the mall a lot and walk around. ANYWAYS. He called me so excited on night saying he bought Kayla some outfits. He wanted me to meet him on line so he could show me them over the web cams. We got on, he showed me and I FREAKED out. They are soooooooooooooo cute. He was right to be so excited. IN fact, I have a wedding to go to in April and have been wanting to buy a cute dress for Kayla to wear to it. Now, I am hoping the 3 to 6 month one fits her by then and she can wear that. So without further a due, here are some pictures of Kayla's new SKULL Outfits! :D

This first dress is my favorite! It's the 3 to 6 month one. The thing next to it is a onesie Cody found as well.

This one is Pj's and it's the back ( my second favorite )

And this is the front of the PJ's


Sandy said...

so cute!

kailiaelf said...

Too cute! I can't wait to see pictures of them on her!