Wednesday, December 17, 2008

365 week 25

I am soooooooooooooooo glad to be caught up. I actually caught up completely yesterday but it took me so long to find the pictures and shrink them and everything, that by the time I went to post them, I only got the one done before Tyler woke up from his nap. So here is week 25 and later on tonight I will post week 26. Tyler is starting to wake up though so I better only post one of them right now.

Nov 30 Day 1

Tyler was wearing my high heels! haha Has anyone seen the movie, "The HOt CHick"? This reminds me of the part where the younger brother comes out in the heels and the father says, "Your gonna have to learn how to walk in them if your gonna wear them son!" HAHA

Dec 1 Day 2

I have two pictures because I couldn't decided! This first one is of Tyler and daddy hugging for the first time. I just love the look on Cody's face. He was so glad to be holding his boy!

And this one just cracks me up. Cody fell asleep on the floor while I was getting ready to go out to dinner. Tyler was SO into his daddy all day and couldn't stand the fact that he was asleep so he was laying on top of him saying, "Wake up daddy!" It was so cute. ( Okay I just noticed that the pictures got switched SORRY! But you get the idea...)

Dec 2 Day 3

We met Aunt Hilary and cousin Bailey at McDonald's for breakfast. The kids had so much fun playing and we had fun chatting with Hilary!

Dec 3 day 4

This is Tyler giving Daddy an air high five. Thanks Uncle Kade for teaching him ;)

Dec 4 Day 5

The sun setting on our first day on the road...okay ACTUALLY I am totally lying! haha I can't believe this, but I FORGOT to take a picture on this day! I was SO mad when I realized it the next day. SO this was actually the sun setting on our SECOND day of traveling but we are gonna pretend like it was the first day. Wink wink

Dec 5 day 6

I like to call this one feet were really swollen from sitting down in a car ALL day long.

Dec 6 Day 7

We were finally back in Texas! YEAH! These wind mills were EVERY WHERE in this certain area and we KNOW there were not that many of them last December when we drove through. It was crazy! they were starting to freak us out! haha

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