Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas

Okay so I have a million things to do today and I am feeling kind of crappy. Not to mention Tyler is already bugging me to take him out side on the trampoline ( his new toy! ) so I need to hurry this up. I am going to post a bunch of pictures and try to keep my writing to a minimum. Enjoy and I hope everyone had a great Christmas day!

This is our sad little tree. We are throwing it away this year and didn't even decorate it but at least we got it out. I don't know if you can tell in the picture but the top is lose and keeps leaning! Note the UPS envelop and boxes under the tree! haha We were too lazy to open them up and re-wrap them!

Then we opened presents. Tyler is wearing his PJ's we bought him. We let him open those on Christmas eve so he could wear them to bed!

This is Kayla's Christmas present from Grandma and grandpa!

Then we made cinnamon rolls! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM They were so good!

Then we took Tyler outside to his new trampoline Santa brought him! WOO HOO! At first he wasn't to sure about it. After all, grandm and grandpa's is dug into the ground and this one was huge and had a net around it. Once we got him inside of it he was in heaven though.

Later on we had lunch, grill cheese! MMMMMMM And then we went to a play ground. I figured NO ONE would be there on Christmas and I was right! We had lots of fun and it was the first play ground we have been to with daddy since he has been home!

Then we came home and had naps. Those didn't last very long though. Then I made dinner while Tyler and daddy played outside some more. I made potato, cheese, broccoli soup! MMMMMMMMMMMM I was so full after wards that I felt like just swallowing my spit was gonna make me explode! haha Next, we went to see Kurt, Stacie and Madison. Then Stacie and Madison went to go check out the lights with us. It was fun and the weather was perfect out side. Here are a couple of those pictures and then I need to go get dressed and start speed cleaning. we were gonna clean ALL day yesterday and all I did was the dishes! DOH!


Sandy said...

All the pics are so cute! Glad Cody's back home safe and sound with you guys! :)

Loni's Argyle Socks said...

Fun! Merry Christmas. I love the skull outfits too. That is so exciting!