Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Roundy Craziness

Cody barely made it home on Friday! It was snowy in Washington and he almost didn't make it. We are glad he did because his brother Shad brought his wife and kids over for the weekend. They got here late Friday night which was good because Cody was supposed to get in at 3:30 and didn't make it until after 5 then we got dinner and tried to find out where his bags were. Poor guy gets his bags lost ALL the time. He had presents for Tyler in his bag and the skull dresses for Kayla so we were both dying to get his bag back. He didn't get it until almost 10 Sunday but at least he got it. Any ways. Saturday morning the boys went and got breakfast burrito's for us. They were pretty yummy. I miss the old burrito place though.

Allison was sneaky and got her face covered before my camera could focus! But this is Shad, Amaya, Allison, Ella and Cody. Then the boys went out side to see if they could put Tyler's trampoline together. They thought it was gonna be so easy and it took them over 2 hours. They were both sore the next day! haha

While I was outside taking this picture of white trash neighbors were out side playing. I have talked about them before. We are tempted to call child services on then at least once a week. The two little girls were playing outside and I had never knew the ones name because she had barely started walking right before we left to go to Utah. As they were playing I heard Abby say, "Come here Kayla!" I about fainted. That's the name we picked out. I ran in the house and told everyone. Can you believe that. BUT we found out last night that her name isn't Kayla. It's Mckayla so I feel much better! haha It's silly I know, but if you knew our neighbors you would understand.

So the kids pretty much got free range of the house. We just let them run from room to room, playing with toys.

Here is Ella and Tyler building a block tower. I love the one of Ella posing! Ella and Amaya are both good posers!
Then we went to El Tapatio for lunch. The kids were getting kind of tired at this point and after lunch we went home and took naps.

Amaya loved the ranch! haha

Then later on that night the kids were running around again and Tyler put on his cap that his grandma made him. So naturally all the kids needed caps. I found so blankets for them to wear and then I took their pictures. Ella loved the cheetah one!

I like Ella's face. She was the only one doing a super hero face! :D

The next day we went to just the first hour of church. When it was time to go Tyler cried and I mean CRIED because he wanted to go to Nursery. He NEVER wants to go so because we weren't going he really wanted to go. Go figure. We came home and had some lunch and just hung out for an hour or so before it was time for them to head back to Houston.

I love Shad's face in this picture. Almost like he was doing a Zoolander face or something. Sexy Shad...

And here is Uncle Cody and Ella cuddling....okay really he was holding her down and tickling her but we won't tell. It looks like such a sweet picture though huh?!

We had lots of fun and Tyler balled when they left. He had lots of fun with his cousins. It was kind of funny because about an hour before they left the girls were playing "rock band" with Tyler's guitar and microphone, and Tyler was sitting on the floor playing with a Tea set! haha Glad they made it and we got to have some fun. Can't wait for this next weekend when Cody's other brother gets to come visit. :)

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Allison said...

It was such a fun visit. Thanks, again.