Monday, March 31, 2008

A couple of things

First things first, no storm came! haha In fact, Tyler and I went and played outside about an hour after I heard the storm was headed my way. It was clear blue skies and sun! Kind of funny actually. I took Tyler to the HEB to get some groceries and the funniest thing happened. I need to back up a little bit though.

I decided that my house was gross and it needed a serious cleaning! I have been working on our junk room and so the rest of the house has been suffering. You did read that right. I know most people have a junk drawer or a junk closet but we had a WHOLE room. It was awful. I almost have it under control now which will be wonderful for me and Tyler because he will have another place to play. So any ways, I have been cleaning all day! I was dirty and my hair was in a pony tail. I decided to go get some groceries so I put on some overalls and one of Cody's baseball hats. Yeah HOT! Not only were they overalls, they are maternity overalls! HAHA In other words, I am looking pretty tore up! I am walking through the store with Tyler in the cart and this old Mexican guy winks at me and says, "Hey, how are you?" I smiled and said, "Fine." Then ran the other way. HAHA Its funny because normally something like that would make my day BUT I actually felt sorry for the guy for thinking I looked good. I told Cody, "Maybe he just likes white girls." Then I realized that I had taken my wedding ring off while cleaning and didn't put it back on so I also had a kid and no wedding ring. PLUS I probably looked pregnant so maybe this guy just thought I'd put out! Who knows but I thought it was pretty hysterical.

So overall it was a good day. When I put Tyler down for bed tonight, I asked him if he wanted to help me say the prayer. We say pretty much the same prayer every night so he usually knows what we are gonna say. When Cody is gone I usually say, "Please bless mommy, daddy and Tyty." Tonight I said, "Bless mommy..." and he finished it for me! It was so cute. Then I usually say, "We're grateful for Jesus Christ and the Atonement" Tonight I said, "We are grateful for Jesus Christ..." and Tyler said, "And Atonement" haha I thought that was so funny. Of all of the words for him to remember. Then I said, "In the name of..." and he said, "Christ Amen." AWESOME!

After he went down I worked out and it felt so good. I burned 400 calories in the first 20 minutes! The I did 800 after 40 minutes. It felt so good and now I am about to go to bed. I can't believe how humid it is today. Its 75 degrees in our house and it still feels gross! Yuk


Crystal said...

I loved it the first time Brielle helped me say a prayer like that. I felt so proud. It helps on those days where you don't want to go to church cause you know you will just be in the hall the whole time and you think it's a waste. They know and they understand what all that church stuff is about. =)

I think your overall story is hilarious! haha. I love it!

I am also proud of you for working out! I wish I had the time... I guess I do, but I just don't make room for working out. =( I need to though!

kailiaelf said...

I'm glad that that storm did not affect you! I love that when Ethan listens to prayer he folds his arms! It's nice to here when they SAY prayer! I also think that maybe that guy likes his women in overalls and..."dirty." Hilarious!