Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Words and more words

Tyler's vocabulary has really been exploding lately. He has been saying sentences which is awesome. His first one being, "I can't reach!" He wanted a magnet off of the fridge and it was too tall. So now he says, "I can't reach!" ALL the time. He has also been saying "I love..." and then fills in the blank. It started with "I love boots!" which cracks me up. Then it changed to "I love Blues Clues" Then Monday night as I was putting him to bed I was just closing the door and he said, "I love you!" Which THRILLED me to no end! It was so cute. He has been saying some other things as well. On my myspace I posted so video clips of him. In one he was doing his impression of a crab and I kept pushing on his belly telling him to back up because he was too close to the camera. Well, he thought that was hysterical so out of the blue he will just run up to me and say, "Back up!" Which means, "Push on my belly" In the video clip, which him and I have watched several times while I was checking my myspace, I say "You're crazy!" So now he will run over and say, "Back up" so I'll push him and he starts giggling and then says, "I'm crazy!" I think its so awesome that he is changing everything to "I". Whenever I sneeze I say "Bless me." The other day I heard him sneeze on his baby monitor and he said, "Bless you!" haha So clever.

The other thing he keeps saying is, "Be careful." He tells him self this about 20 times a day. He also says, "I'm crazy" a bunch of times a day which really cracks me up. I am pretty sure he said it during Sacrament meeting on Sunday! He also say, "It's fun!" When he likes what we are doing or "It's funny." When he says both, he puts his hands on his belly like he is laughing. Its so cute.

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kailiaelf said...

So cute! Ethan says, "Okay!" all the time... crazy kids!