Monday, March 10, 2008

I told my mom how Tyler kept wearing a blanket around his neck as a cape. She went and bought some red felt and made him a cape! It came in the mail while he was taking his nap so I was excited to get it to him when he woke up. I got him out of his crib and said, "Tyler, grandma sent you a present!" He got all excited and then we ran to the kitchen to see it. I pulled it up and he opened his mouth all big like he was excited. I asked him if he wanted me to put it on him and he said no. He says no for pretty much everything lately so I tried to put it on him any ways and he freaked out. The cape did not get worn for the first couple of days we had it. Yesterday I asked him if he wanted to wear it and he said no again. So in stead I put it on myself for about ten minutes. Then I started to take it off and I said, "Do you want to wear it?" and he said "YEAH!" Worked like a charm. Kids are so focused on what other people are doing that I figured if I wore it and he would want to wear it too! He has been wearing it off and on every since. Here is a picture!

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