Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't Judge

So i took this picture of Kayla yesterday and it CRACKS me up!

What happened was we went to Sonic and I had to pee really bad when we got back so I put her on the chair with some french fries so she didn't follow me in there because she loves to turn the water on in the tub! I came back and saw this and it just made me laugh! I love that her skirt is flipped up too! haha BUT just so you know I didn't feed my kid just french fries for lunch I took this picture 5 minutes later

Also I took this picture of Kayla on Monday.

I happened to catch her eyes open in the picture but in real life she would close her eyes when she did it. In this picture she reminds me of a mixture of my niece Bradlie and my sister Kristy. No clue why, she just does.


Kristy Lou said...

Cause her eyes are small like mine in this pic??

Kade and Emily said...

Do you ever feel sorry for the second child? Maryn had such a good start at life. Ailee....we'll, she's still alive.