Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zoo Trip

My friend Sarah wanted to go to the zoo the Friday before spring break. She figured it being the LAST day of school there would be no feild trips. It sounded good to me. We went a little later in the morning so I wasn't worried about Kayla throwing up, which luckily she didn't. We pulled into the zoo parking lot and it was packed! Not only were there like, 5 or 6 buses there but at least 2 or 3 more pulled up while we were walking up. It was NUTS! The second we got there the kids were already saying they were hungry. SOOOOOOO we decided to do the animals backwards. We figured all the schools would be going through the zoo the one way and maybe we could get through it quicker going the other way. Then Tyler started complaining that he wanted to see the fish! The fish are pretty much the first thing at the zoo. We decided to just skip to the fish after looking at a few animals and then go to lunch. We get close to the fish and we hear an ambulance. We get to the fish and it is blocked off because some little boy had a seizure! We couldn't believe it!!! I mean, I felt AWFUL for the mom and boy but seriously......RIGHT in front of the fish so no one was allowed to go inside and see the fish. Tyler freaked out of course. We tried to get Tyler's mind off of everything by promises of McDonald's. It helped....a little. Before we left we wanted to take a few pictures of the kids. Check out how cute ( AND BIG ) Tyler and Julia are getting!

As Tyler was getting off of the big rock they were taking pictures on he started whining and saying he hurt his leg. I thought he had scrapped it on the rock so I just kind of ask him if he was okay and gave him a hug. he said he was okay to walk to the car so we started walking. Then he randomly started crying just for about 60 seconds or so. I picked him up for a second and gave him a kiss and kept on walking ot the car. We made it to the car and then to lunch and the kids got iCarly toys in their happy meals. they both got cell phones with lip gloss in them! haha We told Tyler it was "chap stick" The funniest part was that while they were playing on the mcDonald's play thing having a blast, he would stop playing, run over and frantically search for his "phone". Then he would re-apply his "chap stick"! haha It was so funny. Sarah and I were laughing so hard I think I cried! We get home and Tyler sits at the computer for 3 hours playing games!!! I cleaned and Kayla slept. At 6 that evening we were getting ready to go to dinner so I made him try and pee. While we were in the bathroom he says, "Mom look at my leg" I can tell it is a little swollen and I grab his leg to turn it out to take a better look at he had something sticking out of it! I lay him down and he had been stung by a bee TWICE! I don't know if it was two bees or if the stinger broke off and then he got stung again but there were TWO of them coming out of his leg. He had gone from about 12:30 until 6 with two stingers in his leg! Played in the play thing at McDonald's and everything. Sheesh!

here are the pictures of animals I got and some of the flowers that were JUST starting to bloom!

And lastly, I am so excited that I was smart enough not to get rid of Kayla's summer stuff from last year. I bought her these shorts for Easter last year and they were HUGE on her. JUST in case they would fit her this summer I kept them and they fit perfect! The tag says 0-3 months on them! Sheesh! My girl is small


Kristy Lou said...

Poor TyTy! :( No fish, and stung by a bee. I love the ruffle on Kayla's butt, but why is my niece barefoot?? The flowere pictures are pretty!!

Kade and Emily said...

Ugh, I hate sharing the zoo with school field trips! Sorry about the bee stings... what a trooper!