Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day Outside

Since being able to walk, Kayla hadn't really been out side to explore and walk around. We went out side right before daddy left for about 20 minutes or so but she was having issues with shoes. Last Wednesday we got invited to come out to Killeen and go to story time and lunch. Half way there Kayla threw up all over herself and the car seat. It SMELLED awful! I am pretty sure Kayla is having some milk allergies. I am going to call her doctor tomorrow so we can see whats going on. But any ways. We had fun and when we go home Kayla wouldn't take her nap. So we went out side and she had so much fun exploring. She ate some grass and some leaves. She tried to drink bubbles and she also tried to eat a dandelion. She looked beautiful in her blue owl dress and I was a happy camper taking her picture int he sun. I only wish she would have smiled once for me! haha

Then the other day we went to Tyler's dance class and when we got home the kids sat down and we sitting TOGETHER to watch TV. That has NEVER happened before and certainly not without me putting them together. Aren't they cute?

one day mommy put Kayla's pants on backwards...I couldn't figure out why they were fitting her weird and then all of the sudden I put her down right in front of me and say the bow in the back! DUH!

This one is just a random picture of Tyler. I love how it looks like he is totally drunk! It's just juice I swear!!

One night Kayla had climbed up on the couch and was sitting in "Tyler's spot". I was waiting for him to notice and get mad.

Then after about 10 minutes I heard him say, "HEY! You stole my spot." I waited to hear the cries because I figured he was gonna try and push her over or something but I never heard anything. Hmmmmmm. I went to check on them and saw this


And lastly, for now, a picture of Kayla standing on something. She climbs on EVERYTHING! It doesn't matter if it is a piece of paper. She thinks she has to be on something.

Ahhhhh poor Manny!


Cami said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. And yes, for some reason this blogging thing does keep me sane some days. What a cute family you have! I'm a LDS member too!

Sarah said...

How cute how Tyler was so sweet to let Kayla have his 'spot'.