Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tyler's Homework

Here is Tyler's first homework assignment from his first week of school.

The first paper said to point to each letter and only give your kid SIX seconds to answer.  I pointed to A and then B and by the time I pointed to C Tyler was already reading F!  haha  Makes me laugh.

This sheet says to point to an object that is the color and ask your child what color it is.  Um...that's too easy. SO I pointed to the word and said, "What does that say?" and he would read it to me and then I would say, "Point to something that is that color."

The last page said to tell your kid to write out the alphabet as best they can with NO help from you.  So That is what I told Tyler.  I told him to sing to himself the alphabet song and he'd do fine.  Then I went and made his lunch.  He only missed one letter!  WOO HOO  

Then it says to tell them to write as many numbers as they can.  He got up to 23 and then he tells me, "Mom I'm gonna stop now!"  hee hee

I was pretty impressed with how well he wrote his alphabet with no help.  Normally he writes HUGE and runs out of space but this time he did it perfect.  Good job Tyler.

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Pure Images said...

Wow!! I am VERY impressed!!!!