Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kayla Painting

Kayla had a good first day of TYLER'S kindergarten.  haha  She asked mommy if we could paint.  I said, "Sure!"  She had a blast painting...herself.  :)  Check her out

Ain't she a cutie!  The next day she played with playdough.  Today, we went on a walk, painted AND played with playdough.  Notice how I didn't mention NAPS!  Yeah...because Tyler's school gets out at 3:30 her normal nap time wasn't gonna cut it.  So we have TRIED to switch to an hour earlier.  So far....not happening.  I am crossing my fingers she naps tomorrow.  We'll see.


kailiaelf said...

Good luck with the naps! We had a rough day today because school ended early. It makes for a cranky mommy. Her painting is great!

Pure Images said...

Great photos Katie. I love all the cute little body part photos!! Glad you guys are enjoying your time together when Tyler is gone. Sounds like she is getting used to it... :)