Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Hair Cup

Kayla got her first hair cut about two months ago.  I slacked and didn't post pictures.  Now she got her second hair cut so I guess I better post pictures from the first one.

Waiting to get it cut

It was so long!

And here it was all done!  In case you were wondering WHY we got her pretty hair cut it is because she do NOT want us to brush it and she NOT let mommy put ANYTHING in her hair any more.  Her hair was so long that it looked so ratty all of the time.  This was the solution.

Oh and the title of this post is not wrong.  I meant to write hair CUP because that is what Kayla calls it.

And now for her second hair cup

I really liked her first hair cut but the second one was even cuter!  I didn't really like it just below the shoulders the first time we cut it.  This time I asked her to cut it just above the shoulders.  Ahhhhh much better!  Daddy thinks it is too short but mommy loves it.  :)

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One Precious Life said...

She looks darling! I still have my daughters hair from her first