Saturday, September 10, 2011


Monday was labor day.  Cody had to work.  So while I kept seeing all these post on facebook about BBQ's and family get togethers the night before, I was thinking, "I'm taking the kids to JoAnn's and then letting them pick something out at the dollar store."  Woo hoo right? turned out not working out that way.  First we woke up to no internet.  AWESOME.   Then Tyler was sick.  BOOOOOO  I gave him some meds and he started feeling better.  He begged me to take him to the dollar store.  I said sure. We drove out there and went straight to JoAnn's.  Parking lot was packed so we went to the dollar store instead.  We then went to lunch ( I am addicted to the Wendy's Spicy chicken salad!! ) and Tyler started getting chills.  BOOOOOO again.  He also didn't feel like eating his lunch I had JUST paid for. Wish he would have told me that before but I am thinking someone just really wanted that toy!  

We get home and give him more meds.  He starts to feel better again.  Take naps ( I BEG him to try REALLY hard to sleep...) he does not sleep.  By dinner time he is glued to the couch and doesn't want to eat.  Dinner is done and Cody tells me, "Why don't you do to JoAnn's now."  He felt really bad that I didn't get to go.  I decided that is a good idea for me to go and then get groceries on the way home so that I don't have to try and go with a sick Tyler the next day.  Tyler says he is hungry so I gave him some juice and a celery stalk! 

I get about FIVE minutes from JoAnn's and I get a text that reads, "Tyler just puked everywhere!"  Awesome.  Straight to the market I got to get groceries and hurry on home.  JoAnn's just wasn't meant to me and when I walked in the door I found this

Hugging the bowl in one hand and the ipod so he could play angry birds in the other.  That's my boy!  And I apologize to those who read my other blog and had to hear the story twice.  Sometimes having two blogs ( or three but whose counting ) is such a pain.  

He missed school for the first time already but made it the rest of the week.  He LOVES school so much and I feel so blessed that he now has some where to go every day and friends.  :)  

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