Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Holy Heck

MAN have I been SUCH A slacker. I have been starting projects and then starting new ones before I finish the old ones. HAHA I need to focus myself better. I want to post a bunch of pictures. Even pictures have been lagging lately. I haven't taken much but I do have a few. I told y'all that I did my first wedding. Well two days before the wedding Tyler and I went to check out the park where the wedding was taking place. I took like 200 pictures! haha Here are some of my favorites

It rained ALL the day the day before the wedding. Booo But it didn't rain ON the wedding day. The bad news was it was muddy so we didn't get to walk around much to take pictures. Here are some of my favorites from the wedding.

There are many more pictures from the wedding that I LOVE but I am lazy and don't want to shrink them. haha These ones were already shrunk so I could email the bride a couple to look at before I mailed her some CD's with the pictures on them. I REALLY wanted to get more accomplished with this post BUT I need to go start dinner. If Kayla would have napped like she was supposed to I would have gotten WAY more pictures posted. Oh well, that's the life of a mother...

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Kade and Emily said...

NICE JOB!! I wish I had those skills.