Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Whooping Cough

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo my baby boy had/has whooping cough. Like, seriously?! Poor kid. He is almost better though. He doesn't have the horrible attacks any more where he can't breath and throws up. He hasn't thrown up in a couple of weeks. Kayla on the other hand started choking and threw up last night. Grrrrrr So the rest of the night she slept in the bed with us. Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well past 3am when she came in bed with us. I would rather know she is okay if she started choking again and not get sleep then have her all the way in her room choking by herself.

Man oh man have I been slacking on our blog. I have been taking time to do things like, crafts and hair bows and it left me no time lately to blog. I hate that too because I really enjoy blogging. SO hopefully I can do better in the next week or so. I still need to post our 4th of July weekend with Aunt Kimmie and Katrina and Johnny. Yup! THAT long ago. Hopefully soon I can do that.

We got some good news today. Cody called the hospital in Germany about his hospital bill. He had to pay everything in full before he left and good for us in Germany you pay by sickness and NOT by how long you stay in the hospital. Well, it turns out they over billed us and we are getting a little over a thousand dollars back. Also, they FINALLY sent us a detailed receipt so we can submit to get some money back from our insurance company. WOO HOO So hopefully some money will be coming our way.

Another cool thing is that Cody starts going to "school" for his work on Wednesday and when he does that he starts at 7 ( which really sucks for Cody ) BUT he ends at 2:30 everyday! So he will be home sooooooooooo early. Knowing Cody he will be exhausted really early though too. I think he might turn into a pumpkin at the same time as Tyler. To make it fair, I might start getting up about the time he leaves for work and working out. We shall see how that goes. I bet I would have way more ME time if I did this. I just HATE getting up that early. haha

Well.....more to come hopefully and in another day or two I will post some pictures from the wedding I did on Saturday. Photography tip number one: Keep your legs in shape. I did about a million squats on Saturday and my legs are barely back to normal. I have been walking funny since then.

Here are some pictures from the last week or so

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