Friday, August 7, 2009


I woke up the other morning to hearing Tyler saying "Ouch" over and over and went to get him up and he had pooped every where ( i just washed his sheets and blankets the night before because he pooped every where ) So I put him in the bath tub and he threw up in the water. There was no warning really either. He wasn't coughing. I heard him burb and thought, "Oh no!" THEN I put a blanket on the couch just in case he threw up or had more poop. While I went to get kalya ( who was screaming in her room ) he climbed on top of the couch and pooped again all over his clothes AND the couch! He did this while I was cleaning up Kayla who had also pooped! It's 8:30 and i already had 3 poopie diapers, throw up, a couple changes of clothes and poop to clean off the couch when I get a chance.


So this was an email I sent my friend Sarah Wednesday morning. Tyler seemed to be doing much better after this and I thought he was going to be okay. I was holding Kayla in the kitchen and Tyler was laying down in the living room on the ground partically on one of my favorite white blankets. I heard him yell for me, look up and he is puking orange ALL over the carpet and my blanket. I run and put Kayla in her crib and then run to him to help. Then I order him to lay on the couch and rest. He was upset but he listened. Sarah was nice and bought me crackers and something for him to drink which he wouldn't drink. Finally at 12 we went to sonic and got him a sprite with extra ice. I drank the sprite because he wouldn't and then he ate the entire cup of ice. This was the most liquid I got in him all day. He only ate crackers. He didn't throw up any more but we had more gross poop. Tyler kept not telling me about his poop so his bottom was very sore. This makes Tyler think it's just the wipes, therefore NOT telling me the next time he poops again resulting in an even redder, more sore bottom. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

He did take a nap which I am sure helped. I think all of this is a result from one of two things. One all the antibiotics he has been on since the end of June OR the fact that he had about 5 apples in the 2 days previous. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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One Precious Life said...

Aww, poor Katie and poor Tyler. Is he allergic to the antibiotics maybe? My nephew was taking some and he was fine and then like 2 weeks later he broke out in hives.Hope hes feeling better.Hugs