Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy, busy busy

What happened to Monday? Well, my good friend Sarah and I decided to start walking everyday. We started Monday because her daughter started preschool. We walked and hung out until about 11ih and then we came home, made lunch, peed on the potty a couple of times ( Tyler of course...we are FINALLY going on the potty and have been having much more success this time! ) Then I put the kids down for naps. I then went straight to the sewing machine and started and finished an apron. I freaking love it to! Now if only I could get the pictures on my lap top. haha So far I have made a very poorly put together pillowcase dress, a tie for Tyler and an Apron. I LOVE my sewing machine. If I could, I would sew all day long for a week straight! but Alas, I have kids and so it's not possible. Cody ended up home early from work and so we got the kids up from naps, headed to Walmart so Tyler could pick out a victory toy for going on the potty 5 times this weekend and then ran to Taco Bell. I cooked my first ever roast on Sunday and it was sooooooooooooooo yummy. We were planning on having that for dinner both Sunday and Monday but we had Kurt, Stacie and Madison over for dinner so we ended up with very few left overs. That's okay though because out family can eat at Taco Bell for about 6 bucks right now, thanks to the dollar menu! hee hee The rest of the night was feeding Kayla and then bathing the kids and going to bed. Then Cody and I cleaned the kitchen sick out, showered and went to bed ourselves. It was another full day for us.

My friends Sarah has been telling me for MONTHS to try this website called It is all about cleaning and organizing your house. I am the worse at this. My house is almost never clean and my sink is ALWAYS full of dishes. I kept telling Sarah that I was too lazy to even look up the site so what makes her think I was "ready" for it! I finally succumbed and I am SO glad. If you have trouble with cleaning and organizing and what not, I HIGHLY recommend you checking out her site. The first step ( it's a 31 days program for beginners ) is cleaning out your sink. You fill the sink up with hot bleach water and let it soak for an hour and then drain and scrub. WOW what a difference that made. Then you shine it with Windex and for the rest of the day if you use the sink you are supposed to dry it out with a dish towel to keep it dry and spot free. It's amazing how much better the kitchen feels and what a difference it makes in keeping up with it. Even Cody is into it now and every night before we go to bed we make sure ALL the dishes are done and the sink is dried out. WOO HOO

The next thing that has been keeping me busy is Kayla. She gone mobile....kind of. She rolls every where. haha But she is getting the hang of it. She is liking being on the floor more and more every time I put her down. Speaking of, she is getting tired of the floor right now so I am going to go ahead and push the publish post button so nothing screws this blog up. I will come back later though and post some pictures. Hopefully I can get up dated soon...

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