Monday, October 27, 2008

SO tired

I am so tired people, but I didn't want to go to bed without posting something. SO here are some collages that I made from my Cali trip. This way I feel as though I got something done today before I went to bed other then eating...

This is my best friend Myra. These are pictures I took of her at the beach while we were there. I liked how these four came out. isn't she purdy....?

This is me and my Danny. He has known me since before I was born. I miss him dearly. He met me at La Tolteca because we used to eat there together a lot. This is us being retarded. We took the normal picture then we decided to take them like we were at High school dances. Lame...but it was fun

I took a million pictures of this bird during the sunset walking on the beach. I had my super zoom lens on so he didn't know and it made it much easier for me. I got so many good ones of him that I just made a whole collage because I couldn't pick ONE favorite.

This was at the Block of Orange for those California people reading this. For those who have no clue what that means its kind of like a big out side mall with a movie theatre and stuff like that. This is another great friend, Jared Burton and his wife Amanda and their son Connor. He was so cute and would smile the second you looked at him. :)

Last but not least, picking pumpkins. It was so crowded and hot so we weren't there for long. It was kind of a bummer because We went with my friends Cari and Jason and their son Ethan. We only got to see them for like 30 minutes and we couldn't get Tyler to pose with Ethan. Grrrrr. Oh well it was nice to at least see them even for just those few moments.

And I'm spent

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