Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

Man...Cody only has 2 more months left and he will be HERE in Utah with us. I am so excited about that. About the time I usually start getting really depressed and missing him like crazy but so far I am just excited it's getting close to the time he gets to come home. I have pictures to post still but the internet has been kicking me off about every 2 minutes or so today so I am not even going to try. I am just going to try and write about this weekend and maybe tomorrow it will be working better and let me post some pictures.

So Friday we got all packed and ready to go to my brothers. He lives in Lehi and my mom was coming with us. We got lunch on the way out of town and it was fabulous. Then we started the 4 hour drive. Actually, it took us closer to 5 because we stopped twice to pee and get something to eat. We got to their house about 7ish and they had pizza. MMMMMMM. Tyler was WAY tired. He had about a 30 minute nap in the car or so and was really tired and kind of cranky. He didn't really want to be there and wouldn't let me hold the baby. If I tried to hold her he would say, "Oh momma, I sit on your lap" I'd say, "You can sit on mommy's lap" and he would say, "Oh Bradlie get down" haha He's no dummbie. It was making me way nervous that first night. By the next day he was doing a lot better with her but still didn't really want to have a whole lot to do with her. We went to Walmart with Lauren and Tyler at first was being a pain. He wanted me to hold him the first 10 minutes or so. Finally he got in the cart and did fine after that. Thank goodness since I can't hold him for long periods of time any more. Besides the fact that he is a heffer, I am just getting to big.

We came home and Lauren made some salsa which was really yummy. Then my friend Loni came over with her husband and 3 year old. I grew up with Loni until we were about 10 or 11 and then she moved to Utah. We were pin pals forever after that. The last time I had seen her was like 10 years ago so it was so nice to be in the same room with her. It wasn't even for a long time but it didn't even matter. It was just good to get to talk with her. Tyler was being a butt when she was over though. It was about nap time and he was so exhausted. He threw a fit right as they were about to leave because her daughter picked up one of his blankies and he freaked out. haha It was kind of funny actually but not at the same time. He ran into the other room crying and then tripped and hit his head on the wall. Opps. After they left we ate some lunch and then Tyler and I took naps. It wasn't a super long one but enough to hold him over until bed time. Then we went to dinner and Amy met us there with her 2 kids. Tyler was being REALLY shy and at one point Lillie started scremaing because Brandon was pulling her hair and it freakedout Tyler and he started balling. My kid is SO SENSTIVE its rediculous. Then we went to KHOL's and I bought the CUTEST pink owl outfit for our little one. I was really excited about that. We were babysitting Bradlie so that Scott and Laurne could go to the movies alone. When we first got there, we got out her very pink stroller and Tyler wanted to get into it. HAHA I said, "YOu want in the PINK stroller" and he laughed. he thought it was awesome that it was pink. So he says, "Yes momma I want to get in the pink stroller" Go figure. So he sat in it until we found the toys and then wanted out and we put Bradlie in and she fell asleep. When we got home Scott and Lauren were still out and by this time Tyler was having fun with his cousin. He actually kissed her a couple of times and was playing with her. I got some pictures that I will TRY and post tomorrow. We didn't get to bed until late and were woken up at 7:30 the next morning which kind of sucked but what are you gonna do?! It ended up being fine though. We had breakfast and then the girls and Tyler all went to a park to play. Then we went to lunch and drove around for a while with grandma. We came back and took naps again and then after we got up we drove to Amy's house. That was so much fun for me and not so much for Tyler. I miss Amy and her family. It was really good to see her brother Mike since I hadn't seen him much since before his mission. I got married and moved away right before he came home. So it was nice. Lillie started crying and it frekaed Tyler out and he started balling. It was bad too. He cried for like 10 minutes or something. I finally had gotten him calmed down and then Brandon came over with a cup of COLD water and knocked it over on me and Tyler and TYler instantly started crying again! It was funny...but then again not. So we were there for about an hour and a half and then came home because it was just getting annoying with TYler clinging to my chest and not getting to enjoy myself a little better. I told Amy she should come to ST. George and I think he would be a little more comfortable then. He wanted to play with Lillie so bad, he is just so shy and was SO EXHAUSTED that he just couldn't do it.

When we got back to Scott and LAuren's I talked to Cody on the phone for a while and they put Bradlie's halloween costume on her so we could take some pictures. It was so CUTE! She's gonna be a lady bug. Then we all goofed off and then went to bed late again. The next day we got up around 8ish and got ready to go out. Once we were ready ( just the girls and TYler again because Scott had to work ) we drove to IKEA. Usually my kid is a monster there. He was surprisingly very well. He ran all over the place and jumped on everything but everytime I said, "Okay Tyler let's go over here now" he listened. It was fabulous. He was rewarded with a train set. He LOVES it. Then we came home and ate and then began the long journey home. Tyler hadn't pooped in 2 days and I was tsrating wonder. We got to Cedar City which is about 40 minutes from my parents and I had to stop and pee. I went to get Tyler out of his car seat and hewas soaking wet. I realized I hadn't changed his diaper since 9 that morning! DOH! Bad mommy!!!!! So I changed him and then just left him pants off since they were soaked in pee. So he was in his car seat with just his shirt on. About 10 minutes before we reached my parents house I smelled poop. I figured he finally went or just ahd gas. I asked him if he pooped and he said NO. We keep driving and about 2 or 3 minutes later I smell something horrible! I roll the windows down and look back at Tyler and there was literately a PILE of POOP sitting on his car seat in front of his diaper. He had a HUGE blow out and it just ALL came out. I called my dad and told him to be waiting outside with towels and trash bags. About 3 minutes before we reahce dthe house Tyler realized he had gotten poop every where and started to freak out a bit. "Oh momma, you clean it please" he kept saying and I was trying to get him to not touch it. It was good times. We pulled in the drive way and grandpa did a great job clenaing up. I grabbed Tyler and carried him to the bathroom and just turned the water on and gave him a quick bath. My dad took out the car seat and hosed it down! haha Good times.

The next day Tyler talked about Bradlie a couple of times. I was chaning his diaper once and he said, "Momma, I want to go to Aunt Laurens" so it was a successful trip. Also, this is going to sound bad but Bradlie smacked TYler in the face once and I was so happy! hahah HAPPY because I got to see how he reacted and all he did was lean back wards to try and get away from her hands. He didn't try and hit her back and anything which relived me to no end. I wasn't really worried about him hitting the baby but I was a little curisous. Hopefully I d0on't need to worry about it any more. Okay my back is killing me and I am exhaused. The weekend wore me out SO much. I went grocery shopping yesterday and by the time I got home I felt so awful. I spent the rest of the day on the couch with the body aches. Not fun. any ways. I am still recovering but feeling much better this today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be even better. :)

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