Friday, October 10, 2008

I didn't realize

So I am a little slow sometimes and last night I went to write a blog. I hate going more then two days without writing SOMETHING. I saw my last post and read the date wrong. I thought it said Thursday and I was tired so I decided to go to bed instead of write. I get on today and realize it said TUESDAY! I swear...sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind. I was so excited to watch the Season Premiere of CSI. I was SO sad they killed my favorite character off but it was still good. For those who don't know, it's going to be their last season and I am so sad. It's such a good show. I am going to miss it.

Any ways. I am going to post some pictures. I am kind of boring this week. We have been trying to get ready to go to California next week. Which reminds me I need to do some laundry. Again, sorry it's boring but I didn't want to go too long without posting anything. I took these pictures earlier this week and never got around to posting them.

Before I forget I wanted to brag about something. I know I already bragged about the shirts I got from Target this week for so cheap and today was no exception. I actually shopped on line at because they have maternity clothes on line that they don't have in their stores. They had a pair of overalls for 20 dollars that I was tempted to order but decided jeans were probably not a very good idea to order. Now I am thinking I might order them...heehee I bought 4 shirts and had to pay a dollar for shipping on each one and it still only came out to 24 dollars! That's right I said it. Two of the shirts I bought which are so cute and sooooooo comfy, were only 4 bucks a piece. I like all 3 shirts, I say 3 because two of them were the same shirt, I just ordered 2 since they were so cheap. One of them is pretty cheap though and two of the buttons are coming off already but that's what mommies are for! haha It was only 6 bucks on sale so if I have to re sew a button on "oh well" you know. But I am way excited about the clothes though because at the motherhood maternity store I wouldn't be able to buy one shirt for 24 dollars. So yeah, I am always excited to get a deal and they are nice, comfy shirts...WOO HOO

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The Samms said...

I always shop clearance at motherhood maternity! I can't bring myself to pay full price for any of the stuff there lol But last time I was there, I got 6 really nice shirts for $50! CLEARANCE! HOLLA! lol
I'm gonna have to try walmart online! thanks for the tip! :) glad to hear things are going good!